CIMG1963In a nutshell, I’m slow. Slow for pretty much everything. I’m a slow runner, slow eater, slow for domestic chores, certainly slow to lose weight, and I can be slow to figure things out—like WordPress, for instance, and pretty much anything involving numbers.

When I’m not slow, I’m late. Late to blogging, late to the writing life, late to pick up my kids from school. Heck, I’m late to drop them off, too.

I have always said I was a late bloomer. And I’m not ready to fade away. I never knew I was a writer. Way before the novel and short stories, and little things I’ve had published, I was a career kindergarten teacher. Which was perfect because we all had the same attention span of about 3 minutes. But the Universe is a jokester. You never know what She has in store for you. And apparently, what she had in store for me was a period of time to rest, to collect my thoughts and put them down. This period of time was called a nervous breakdown.

The funny thing about a nervous breakdown is the amazing, fantastical blooming that occurs afterward. Just think about it. If I had never experienced my “never-ending-cry-fest,” I might never have had the life I enjoy now figuring out who I am and what I like. I wouldn’t have gone back to graduate school to earn that MFA in Creative Writing from UC Riverside. I wouldn’t have tried backpacking for a week at a time, no showers, no bathrooms, sleeping in the dirt, and freezing my butt off. I wouldn’t have tried running a full 26.2 marathon, not just once—but 3 times! I wouldn’t have climbed Mt. Whitney with a pack on my back. I wouldn’t have tried love again, or getting remarried after a heart-breaking, soul-sucking divorce. And I surely wouldn’t have dared put myself out there in writing. So there you have it. A nervous breakdown can be a positive life-changing event.

And the thing is, I have bloomed, finally. I may not be the biggest and brightest of the flowers in Blog World, but I’ve arrived and I want to play, too, sharing my experiences, both funny and thought-provoking as a way to find some meaning in this chaotic, beautiful life.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.







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